Friday, June 16, 2006

A cow day this is an intersting topic. I have never played it before, but I've heard that it is really fun, though you can get hurt pretty bad at the same time...yikes. I am not up for getting hurt while having fun...but I do want to try it out sometime. Anyway, for all you die hard paintball lovers, here is a site that might be interesting for you to stock up on equipment. You can get cheap paintball supplies here!!

I did like the movie "Failure to Launch" when the girl is the last one to survive her first round of paintball. That made the game look easy and fun!!

Random new thought of the day...did you know that Paintball guns were originally used by farmers to mark trees and cattle. Picture this, a nice little cow, minding his own business and just eating away at your grass--not a care in the world. Suddenly he looks up and sees his owner approaching, and thinks how nice. A big "cow smile" comes across his face as he looks on and then suddenly...BAM, he is shot with a paintball gun. What in the world!!! That's when, I, as a cow, would charge him and trample him down!! How rude! Can't a cow just get some peace and quiet please!!!!


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