Thursday, March 16, 2006


yes, that was not a misprint, i do mean teeth!! TWO Teeth at once. Today I was changing Hayden's diaper and I saw a Hoobie hair in her mouth, so I was trying to get it out and my finger brushed something sharp....I checked and sure enough, two little teeth are poking through on the bottom. PRaise the Lord, they have finally cut through.

Those that have been around Hayden recently know that these teeth have been giving us all grief. Poor thing, has been snot-nosed and cranky for a while and finally finally they have come through!!! Whoo hoo..

I can't believe she is sitting, and eating with a spoon, and now has teeth....time is flying by, before I know it she will be saying mamma and daddy and crawling....ahahhhh!!!!!! I love it, but I want my baby to stay little. :)

Anyway, congrats to matt and Mandy traylor on the birth of little Noah. He is precious.

Here are some pics of this weekend, Hayden getting ready for the summer time!! I tried to get a shot of the teeth but I haven't got a good one yet.


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