Tuesday, March 07, 2006

5 months old!!!

Well Hayden is just doing all sorts of fun new things and cracking us up while she is at it. She is still eating SO good with her new solids and her favorites are EVERYTHING :) She loves squash, green beans, carrots, sweet potatos (those make her gassy though), coconut pudding, rice cereal and applesauce, bananas and her most favorite, applesauce.

She is also rolling from back to front so fast. We can't hardly get her diaper back on fast enough before she flips over. Other new finds....HER FEET. So cute to see her hold on to them and look at them and try to get them to her mouth. She has sat for a few seconds at a time and we think that she will be sitting very soon on her own. She is also in a licking phase. It is so funny. When she sits in her jumper she looks at the seat and bends down and licks it. Haha!! So funny. Same with her exersaucer. First thing everytime she gets in it...as if to check to see if they've changed overnight :)

The teeth are still trying to push through. Poor thing has been so uncomfortable the last week just putting anything she can grab into her mouth. I think its the lower front right one pushing the hardest. I can feel it very thick down there.

Anyway, that's the latest on our little 5 monther!! Can't believe it is that long already. I finally got a bunch of her pictures framed from when we had them done at 3 weeks. I still need to get her new pics taken...wanted to go for 4 months but maybe we'll try for 6 :)

Take care!!!


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