Wednesday, January 11, 2006

There's a Chunk Chunk in the house :)

So I took Hayden to the dr yesterday for a recheck on her RSV...and of course they weighed her...mind you this is with her clothes on and a slightly wet diaper.....16.3 lbs!!!!! WOAH! Yep I knew she was getting pretty she only has to gain 9 more lbs and she can face forward :) Anyway, the dr said she looks really good and is completely over her RSV. Now we just have to get rid of the stupid thrush that she got in her mouth due to the antibiotic. If its not one thing its 10 others.

Anyway, it says 27 degrees on my thermometer today...brrrrrrr....its about time we got some winter. I got a new coat from my brother for Christmas that I have been dying to wear and I haven't had a chance til this morning.

Well, I must forge ahead with my day. Hope you are all well and ALicia!! hang in there girl! You are almost there!!!

Look at the cutest lady bug you ever saw :) Image hosted by


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