Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My mommy secrets

Hmmm...so apparently I have some hidden secret as to how to get a child to sleep through the night...I don't really know what it is I have done right, but I will tell you some of the things I do and maybe one of them is the secret.

Each night I make sure to change her and get her in her night clothes while she is good an awake...then, I feed her until she conks out. Usually she will stay asleep as I transfer her to her bed. We have been letting her sleep on her tummy since she was able to hold her head up and turn it in the bed on her own. That is when she started sleeping through the night. Also, I don't let her sleep with her pacifier, because then when it falls out she wakes up. Sometimes she will fall asleep with it in, but I will take it out when it starts falling out and she never knows the difference. Helps her to sleep more soundly instead of barely asleep.

hmmm....other than that I have no clue why she sleeps all night. Last night she woke up a couple of times, but just because she had gas...once she dirtied her diaper she was fine.


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