Monday, September 12, 2005

Full moon this weekend

Well the weekend has once again come and gone. It seems like I had no weekend, because I spent the whole thing being miserable, blowing my nose, coughing and sleeping. Ugh!!! Now I am so so so sore from all the coughing and trying to recoop so I will have energy for delivery, whenever that comes.

Now I am up and trying to slowly tackle little jobs that I still have yet to get done before the baby. The family thinks that this is the big week.....most wager that I won't make it past Friday and the inlaws have a thing about babies being born on full moons, which would be this I have to get over this sickness completely and then GET READY!!!! That would be cool if this weekend we had a little baby. Seems so unreal that it literally could happen. You wait 9 months for it to come and then when it is actually upon you it is sort of wierd. But of course we aren't complaining or anything...we are so excited and can't wait to meet our little girl!!!

We worked on the nursery a little this weekend and it looks so cute. We got shelves and pictures on the cute!!! Now I just have to get down to Pottery Barn Kids this week and get the cute curtins that I found and the room will be pretty much finished, minus the occupant! We even have the bassinette in our room now, which is a huge step, because BJ refused to bring it down to our room until it was getting very very close, so he must finally believe it is close enough :)

Well many things to do....mainly getting healthy!! Have a great week everyone :)


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