Thursday, August 18, 2005

We had a scare

Ok so if you haven't heard yesterday I gave everyone a big scare. Here's the story:

So I had let Hoobie out to go the bathroom and he roams around usually. But yesterday I heard a four-wheeler coming and Hoobie had wandered really far away from the house and I was afraid he was going to get hit by the four-wheeler. So I was hurrying to go call him inside and I hit the step into our living room (that is unfinished, so the grout hurts really bad) and it busted open my toe. Blood was going everywhere and then I lost my balance, tried to catch myself on the bar, instead I scratched up and bruised my arm in the process and proceeded to fall straight onto my right knee and then all the way to the ground. The thing is that I had so much momentum behind me and so much weight :) in front of me that gravity did its deed and there was no stopping it. So I was trying so hard to not fall straight onto the baby and I hit on my side (FYI we have tile in our house so it was not a cushioned fall). I was crying my eyes out and bleeding like crazy. And so scared that I had hurt the baby, so I called bj and he came flying over on the four-wheeler.

Well all the while, Hoobie is still outside, and I was still worried about him getting hit, so I told bj that He was out there, but in the process of my calling and crying, bj couldn't figure out what in the world was going on and all he heard was I had an accident and Hoobie is outside. So, he immediately thought I had somehow accidentally killed Hoobie or that I was really really injured bad. Well I was and I needed him.

So he gets to the house and helps me clean up and stop crying. Then I rested for a while and called my Dr. They wanted me to come in just to be safe. So I spent the rest of the afternoon at the doctor with my mom.

The doctor experience was actually quite interesting though. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor and the other monitor that monitors my contractions. So I sat there for about 30-45 minutes. It was great to get to hear the heartbeat for a long time. Then she kicked a whole bunch and my mom got to see that. I had two very small contractions while I was there, but I didn't even feel them and they barely showed up on the screen.(do not be alarmed, the dr said it was fine and since they were so mild it was not a concern.) Needless to say it was cool to see what I will be hooked up to during labor.

So after that they did an ultrasound, because her heartbeat didn't ever really go up or down, it just stayed the same so they wanted to see her movement. So i was really excited because we weren't scheduled to have anymore ultrasounds. So I got to see my little girl and she is so beautiful. We saw her face and her little mouth opening and closing. Everything checked out fine and the baby is fine and so am I. Just a little sore from the fall and from my injuries but I'm fine. Other good news is the little one has already turned and is head down and ready for delivery!!! Maybe she will make a slightly early arrival. They said she looks really good.

I was a little freaked out though because they kept asking me how far along I was in a way that made me think maybe they thought I could have her yesterday. I freaked out thinking of all the things I don't have ready yet, not even my bag. So as soon as I get rested up I will be completing that task so it is ready.

So that was my eventful day yesterday. Today I am just taking it easy and recovering. Oh and just in case you are wondering, we found Hoobie and he didn't get hit by the 4-wheeler. :)


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