Friday, August 12, 2005

33 weeks and feeling it :(

Wow!! I am feeling the weight of the baby like crazy. Yesterday I was so tired and all I did was go to the doctor and then to the library. WOWEE!! The night before we had gone to the youth camp that BJ has been playing at all week, and that alone wiped me out. We didn't get home until 11 and I was zonked. So I have been recovering the last two days. Last night I literally sat on the couch and watched tv the whole night and then I switched to reading. I got two novels at the library. I've been really craving a good read. So anyway, needless to say I am ready for this little one to be out of me. She is getting too big for the inside. Makes me sore. :(

I am finishing my washing today and that is exciting, because then I can pack my suitcase with her going home outfits. And yesterday I got a baby name book so we can decide on her first name. It is really starting to get aggrivating that we cannot decide on her name. Hopefully we will make some progress soon!!

Well everyone enjoy your weekend. :)


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