Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lamaze class #4

Last night was our fourth Lamaze class. Its so funny because every week all of us preggos only get bigger and bigger and there are more and more sighs and wiggling around to get comfortable. We watched a video on epidurals and learned about our pain medication options. It was pretty cool and informative, although I am still focused on going all-natural.

Before class we swung by to see Meredith and her new son. He was so cute and I got to hold him. It was funny because I had to hold him so high up so he basically was setting on my stomach. And our little one started moving all around. I guess they have already become friends :)

I slept on the couch again for the third night in a row. I have officially reached the completely uncomfortable stage of my pregnancy. I actually started out in the bed last night, but by 12:30 I had to get up. Only 5 more weeks and then I pray I will slowly attain comfortableness again.

Tomorrow is my first weekly doctors appointment, and last night I was at class and like every single woman is already dialating, except me. At least I don't know yet, but I doubt it. One couple even had there baby already. I pray pray pray that my doctor gives me hope for an early arrival. My stomach is so hard that it just hurts and aches. yuck.

Well on to my work here at the homefront. Happy Wednesday everyone!!! only 2 more days till the weekend :)


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