Thursday, June 16, 2005

All is well in the Womb

Well I am back from my appointment and it went good. I can't believe that I am already finished with my every-four-week appointments, now I go in three weeks for a lab and a shot and then every two weeks after that until the last month, then I go every week. WOW!! 3 more weeks and I will be in my THIRD TRIMESTER!!! I am so ready to have this little girl out to play with her. But, I have alot of preparations to do so I need all the time I can get.

Anyway, I measured perfectly and the heartbeat was excellent!! Now I just have to have my gestational diabetes test and my Rho Gham shot next time. Yuck.

Anyway, the carpet is coming today and I am excited because that is the last major thing and then they are going to clean the house and then we move in!!! Yippee.

Tonight I am hanging out with my friend deborah, because yesterday was her 22 birthday! Happy Day after your birthday deb!

Well ta ta, I am going to find me some lunch :)


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