Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Studying stinks

I hate studying. Ugh!!! I have been working on a review sheet for hours now and now that it is finished I can study it. Yuck. I have my first final tomorrow and am glad sort of because I am just ready to get all these tests over with. I have good grades in all my classes so I know my finals won't hurt me, but I just hate tests. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!

I got my first grade back today and made a B+ in my photojournalism class. I was sort of bummed because I thought I was going to make an A. But oh well. No biggie. I liked the class and learned alot of cool stuff for how to take pictures later on.

This morning we both wanted kolaches/donuts. So we got up and drove to Shipleys. Well since we slept til 10 then got up and got dressed and then went and ran some errands, it was already past 11:30 and Shipley's closes. I never realized this in all my life. So, we went to a few other donut places and could not find one with kolaches, which is what BJ wanted. I just wanted a donut. So finally we found a coffee shop, Cafe Hause, that had Shipley's donuts in it, but still not kolaches. So poor BJ just settled on going to Dairy Queen for some lunch and I got my donuts and Dairy Queen :) The joys of pregnancy.

Well today the babe has been moving so much again. I tell you this child never sleeps hardly. It moves all day long. But the good thing, is I've never felt it move in the night, so maybe it has its nights and days right :) That would be wonderful!!!

Well I guess I will go on to more studying. Ho hum..........................


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