Wednesday, April 13, 2005

What has the world come to????

Another 8 a.m. class down, 5 more to go. I hate 8 o'clock's. They are so hard to go to and so many people come in at like 8:30...8:40...what's the point of then the class is already to the boring part and you might as well stay home.

Well I came home with the thought of going back to sleep for an hour...but I doubt that will happen. By the time I get my email checked and responded to, map out my day, read my friend's blogs ;) , and make sure I have everything together for me next class...I must forget the wonderful idea of a morning nap.

Today my ticker says the same thing it did yesterday. 1 month and 1 day until graduation...that stinks. I was so looking forward to it being less than a month, and now it is still more than a month by one whole lousy day. WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME, TICKER!!!

Yesterday I did a bunch of nothing. I had all these plans for using my day off to do, and all of the sudden I look at the clock and it is 7pm...I can't even remember how in the world I wasted all that time. I'm not even a good time waster. Normally I am multitasking like a professional. I guess I just needed a brain break. It was nice I just am in amazement that I actually accomplished doing NOTHING.

Bj took me out to dinner last night to Olive Garden. It was really fun and nice to just hang out, both of us were in stress relief mode so it was nice. BUT we saw this lady and a little boy, maybe 8 years old, eating beside us. And apparently the lady wasn't his mom, maybe his aunt or something...because we hear her say "its ok, it'll be our little secret." so, Bj, with his fatherly insticts already kicking in, glances over and realizes that the woman is giving the 8 YEAR OLD BOY a glass of WINE!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS SHE THINKING!!! It is proven that the younger you start drinking the more prone to becoming an alchoholic you are. Now given, she wasn't giving him whiskey or vodka or something, but still !!!! He's 8 or so years old. Not even close to the drinking age. UGH!!! People these days are amazing.

Well, I will go eat some breakfast now so that I can tame the growling coming from my stomach. Have a wonderful day everyone...this is my last class of the week!!! No school tomorrow or Friday!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!


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