Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A total waste of time....what can i say...i'm off school for two days :) yeah...I'm bored :)

Full Name: Lindsay Sue Summerlin Munson
Birthdate: 12/28/1982
Hair Color: blondish brownish reddish..sandy/strawberry blond
Eye Color: Hazel...they change with the colors I wear
Height: 5'1 3/4"

Ice Cream: I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! anything besides vanilla...I love cookies n cream
Soda: need you even ask? Cherry Coke or Delaware punch if you can find it
Food: Mexican
Candy: Peanut M & M's
Chip: Nacho Cheese Doritos
Color: turquoise
Song: hmm....I really like More Than anyone by Gavin Degraw, but I have lots of favs..depends on my mood.
Sport: softball
Number: 3
Season: I love the months of April-May before it gets scalding and Oct-November when its getting bearable again.
Holiday: My birthday :) Ok ok...Christmas
Book: Purpose Driven well as my weekly pregnancy book :) it is so exciting !!
Magazine: tie between In Style and Real Simple
Vacation Spot: in the US...the beach and beach that is real, not Galveston! Out of the US...EUROPE!!!
Actor: Kevin Costner
Actress: Meg Ryan
Brand of Clothes: currently, anything that will fit :) normally, I like Banana repubic, J. Crew, Express, and GAP BODY :)
Brand of Shoes: flip flops, I know its not a brand...ok Reef Flip flops

Wal-Mart or Target: Target, I love it!!!
Peanut Butter or Jelly: jelly
Reese Cup or Butterfinger: Reese cup
Book or Magazine: depends on my time frame...i love a good magazine...but i love to read as well if i have time
TV or Radio: tv
Tape or CD: cd, who wants to fast forward to their fav songs???
Cold or Hot: hot
Sugar or Salt: salt and then sugar :)
Chinese Food or Mexican Food: Mexican
New York City or Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills

Best: Deb & of course my hubby
Funniest: my mom
Shyest: Juli...she gets red pretty easily
Nicest: Melissa
Most Outgoing: Deb
Loudest: Tara
Most Talented: Lindsey
Sweetest: Courtney
Has Always Been There For You: Deb
Makes You Laugh The Most: my mom
Best To Hang Out With: All of them!!! I wish I could hang out with them all at the same time

Do you like school: uh....NO!!!!!!!
How many hours are you online a day: Don't even ask....its way too many
Do you shower daily: unless I'm sick or something, or unless i want to take a bath
Have you ever been to a concert: : yep
Do you believe in God: Yes
Where were you born: H-TOWN!!!
Have you ever failed a grade: grade, NO; Class.... :( yeah a couple
Do you have a job: yep...Fletcher Communications
What is your biggest fear:Death
Have you ever rode a roller-coaster: yes and I love them
Have you ever been to Disney World: 3 times!! Twice when I was little and once last summer with my hubby for our anniversary
Have you ever been trapped in an elivator: no but i think it would be cool to be rescued as long as i wasn't in labor at that moment
Who did you talk to on the phone last: rebekah moore
Who wrote you a note last: Courtney
What C.D. is in your C.D. player right now: Gavin DeGraw
Have you ever smoked: no, gross
Who do you hate: Hoobie, when he pees on the carpet......the devil for inflicting sin and sickness on this earth

Best Friend: Tessa Matta
Crush: David ? from preschool
Job : first real job was at Kroger
Album/CD: Steven Curtis Chapman "great adventure"
Piercing/Tattoo: 18 years old got my ears pierced for the first time...i was a big chicken
Enemy: I don't know, can't remember
Big Trip: my first plane trip to Indiana was pretty big..I was kind of freaked out...but my biggest, longest trip was to London England

Movie Seen: Blind Horizon
Beverage Drank: Nestea Lemon Flavor
Food Consumed: oreos
Phone Call: Bj
Kiss: my hubby today :)
Show Watched: 90210...i'm so glad the reruns are back on


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