Friday, April 01, 2005

Breakfast mission

What a is so beautiful outside but very windy so its pretty chilly. I don't have class on Friday's anymore, which I LOVE! So today after bj got out of class we wanted to go out for a good breakfast. So we went over to IHOP, IT WAS PACKED OUT. I was amazed. It was like 10:30 and there were tons of people there. So we decided to go to Denny's instead. It was even more packed. So, we drove all the way across town to Kettle. HA! There were like 5 people there. We were a little worried at first because we have never eaten there before. So we wondered if the reason there were only 5 people was because it was gross or something. Well, turned out ok. The eggs were a little runny, but everything else was fine. So we got our breakfast.

Now BJ is taking a nap while I finish up the laundry and then off to The Woodlands we go. Last night we rented Shall we Dance. It was a little slow, but clean and romantic. I liked it. Bj just laughed.

PS I just wanted to give a shout out to the Baylor Girls Basketball team for making it to the Final Four!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo hoooo!!!!!!!! Sunday is going to be a hard game against LSU, but I am just so happy that they hav emade it this far. For the first time ever as well!!!!

Sic'Em Bears!!!!!!!!!!


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