Friday, March 25, 2005

Second Trimester Here I come!!!

Wow, I can't believe here I am 13 weeks pregnant. That is almost halfway finished!!! 7 more weeks until the halfway point and until graduation!!!!!!!! That is amazing. Though this semester has seemed very long. I am just having a very bad case of senioritis.

Well today, though it is a holiday, I am working. The good thing was that we had steak and shrimp and veggies and salad and banana pudding (with no bananas on one side for me and Gwynn). I'll come to work any day for steaks!! Yum Yum!! Oh and baked potatos too. So now I am waiting. Just waiting to do a run or go home. :)

Tomorrow I am going to register for some gender neutral basic items for the baby. My friends are throwing me a shower in about 3 weeks so that is going to be so fun. I am excited. Then I am babysitting tomorrow evening. Gotta get as much practice in as possible :)

Jared is here for the weekend, and I know BJ enjoys that. THey have been playing basketball in the driveway all morning. Last night me and Bj went out to shoot some hoops and it was getting dark and so the light was really playing tricks on my eyes. Well we had the goal down low so I could "dunk" and I shot it and it bounced off the rim really hard and smacked me in the lip. Hurt like crazy, but it was more hilarious than anything. So today my lip is a little puffy inside but nothing major.

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter holiday. Next year we'll have a brand new hunter for the easter egg hunt!!


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