Thursday, March 31, 2005

Defensive driving is such a waste of time!!!!!!!!!

Well Bj is feeling a little better today. He hasn't thrown up anymore, so that is a relief. But he stayed in from school today. He slept in the guest room last night since he was sick and I don't want to get sick since I am pregnant, and can't take alot of medications. So poor Hoobie was so confused. He layed with BJ for a while then he came in and layed with me, then he just layed on the floor in between the two rooms. :) He ended up sleeping with BJ most of the night. The bed is lower in there and easier for him to jump onto. Our bed has two mattresses and a box spring, so its pretty hard for him to jump on, especially in the dark!

I am working on my defensive driving online. YUCK!! I still have 125 minutes left. Its taking forever! Then tomorrow we are going home because I have to shoot pictures of Lacey before her wedding and all that fun stuff for my photo story. I'm hoping they come out good, because I am coming down to the wire on the project. It is due next Friday, developed, printed and mounted!!!! That's alot of work for me this week.

Well Back to defensive driving :( Why oh why did I get that ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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