Thursday, February 03, 2005

Well I have officially made my first set of print pictures the old fashioned, developed in a dark room way. It is really cool, especially since my pictures were shot on Black/White film. Its definitely more forgiving.

I will post some of them later. I had to turn the best ones in today, but I will get them back. Fun stuff, learning a new trade!

Its been really cold up here and windy and rainey. GROSS...especially for walking around campus in. I hate it. I'm ready for it to be spring weather. BEAUTIFUL!

Well this weekend we are going in for my dad's celebration service in their new building. Its going to be very exciting and we are glad to be a part. Then we will come back for our Lifegroup Super bowl party. I know, its very spiritual :)

WEll I am off to my HP class which has become fun. We play knock out alot...and I actually haven't gotten that bad in my 4 years of no basketball. Its quite fun!


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