Monday, February 07, 2005

Surprises are in the air!!!!!!!!

Well as I look back on my blog to the day of Jan. 24...I am sticking my big foot in my mouth about that last all of you who had the right instinct....though it could have just been a coincidence that I was sick that week.......We have an annoucement to make!!!

On Thursday Jan. 27 we were blessed with a huge surprise from God!! WE'RE EXPECTING OUR FIRST BABY!!!! You were all right!!! (Though we honestly didn't know at that time and were not lying to you!) We are so thrilled beyond words. Its so neat how God has a huge plan and though you may not see it coming, everything is in His order and Will and that is why we are soooooo excited. Because though we weren't planning on this child, we know that God has a wonderful plan for him/her one day, and this was the time for him/her to be born into this world to one day fulfill that plan. God is awesome!!!

So we are going to our first dr. appt. on Tuesday the 15th to hear the heartbeat and get an exact due date and all that funness. The estimated due date is October 2. A fall baby. I'm guessing it will probably be born in September though.

So we couldn't wait to share the news with everyone and so now that the new grandparents know...THE SECRET IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Munson is on its way!!!!!!


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