Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Frustration is so much worse when your prego

Well today I spent at least 2 hours on the phone looking for a new doctor. I had one that I wanted to go to, but they are not on my plan, so finally I found some that were on my plan and either they weren't accepting new patients, didn't deliver in The Woodlands or some other reason for me to not be able to get an appointment EVER!!! UGH...I was to the point of utter frustration and sadness and my usual attitude would have just been upset or mad, but with pregnancy added to it, I am just a ball of emotion. SO I felt like breaking down crying. I felt helpless and then a miracle happened and I accidentally called back a doctor I had already called and they told me the first time they weren't accepting new patients, but the second time I called they said they were. WHOOO HOOO!!!!!! I have a doctor for my baby!

So now I have my next appointment set up and I will get to see the little one :) I can't wait. I will be in the last week of my first trimester which is exciting because the babe will actually look like a human :) I'm excited.

So four weeks till we get to meet our little one!


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