Sunday, February 13, 2005

Big week ahead

Well this weekend was great. We went to World Mandate for our church all weekend. It is a missions emphasis conference that our church hosts every year. It was great. We both got sooooo much out of the services and really enjoyed ourselves.

This is week 7 of the pregnancy. We read the chapter for the week for what would be happening this week for baby! It was so cool. This week the arm buds and leg buds are visable :) Such a cute little bean in there :) I think it sort of resembles a little shrimp.

This Tuesday is my first appointment and I 'm so excited to finally get to go. Bj is going with me and is really excited as well. He is sooooo excited about this baby. He refers to it as "baby Boardman" even if it is a girl...hee fun.

I also have my first test this week..yuck!!! This semester is not going as fast as I would like it to. But it will be over soon enough.

Last night we saw Hitch. It was really cute and pretty funny too. Nice romantic movie to kick off Valentines weekend.

Have a wonderful week all!


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