Friday, January 21, 2005

Less than glorious week :(

Well this has been, like the title says, a less than glorious week. Week two of my last semester of school, ready to hit it strong, and I get hit strong with a stomach virus. Out of school for two whole days. Ridiculous. This may sound gross, but I can actually handle an occassional barf session, but its when the fever set in that wiped me out. So I have been laying around watching tv and doing nothing. Sad thing its the second week of school , so I'm not even overwhelmed yet or anything. I don't need two days off of school. I needed to save those absences for when I really am about to die of stress or overwhelmingness. Oh well...I'm feeling better now, I'm still working up to solid foods again.

Yesterday I ate Clay Pot for lunch. It was really good, and actually all their foods are supposed to promote wellness and improved immunities. And its quite tastey. Perfect for my first real meal again. :)

No plans for the weekend...just taking it easy..trying not to have a relapse. Have alot of homework to catch up on . That is the worst part about being still have tons of work staring you in the face. I think I 'm feeling sick just thinking of it.


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