Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Joining the club of Four Eyes

Well today I went to the optomitrist and joined the club of four eyes. I now have to get glasses because of my extensive use of the computer and reading, it has caused my little eye-balls to weaken, therefore leading to the conclusion that I must obtain reading spectacles for the poor things. I found some cute little frames that I like though so it isn't so bad. Me and BJ were laughing while trying on all sorts of glasses. Good thing glasses have evolved from the times when my mom first had to wear glasses. They were huge!!

Anywho....I guess its that old age thing setting in....22 and now I am getting all the signs of aging :) This is not a good sign.

Last night, BJ and I had date night and we had such a fun time. We went to dinner, Souper Salad, one of my fav's and then we went to Barnes and Noble and just hung out and read books. Fun times!! I love reading!! I love B & N. I could stay there for days and not get bored. Then we came home and played card games. We are trying to find new creative things to do for date night instead of always going to a movie or something. So that was a fun night!

Today it is cold wet and rainey. YUCK!! I was enjoying the warming up part...but now I think we are in for the delayed winter...and why does it have to be wet too....its miserable.


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