Friday, January 14, 2005


I love Friday's. It just has a different feel to it than any other day. Seems like I get this burst of energy dispite my exhaustion from the week. I love it. My inner being shouts out....BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!! and this weekend even more so because we get a whole extra day to it. NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!! When Kimberley Frazier was my youth pastor and music teacher we used to have NSOM parties (No School on Monday) fun. just a time to revel in the fact that you have no school. LOVE IT. Another benefit is that it subtracts the amount of days i must actually be in school!! Gotta love that for sure!

Its cold today...34 degrees this morning when I ran (for the third day in a row!!! WHOO HOO) but it wasn't windy like yesterday so that was awesome. I loved it, it felt really good. And stretched my calves out alot. So hopefully by tomorrow they will be back to normal.

We watched the village the other day...pretty interesting movie. Its kind of long, but it has a really good story to it in the end.

Well until later....ta ta!


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