Thursday, December 30, 2004

Rearrange the Roladex

Ok....just curious, but what on earth do receptionists do ALL DAY EVERY DAY of their life?? I have nothing to do, I mean besides things that deal with my own personal life, like take out last years day planner pages and put in this years, while updating all birthdays, anniversaries and so on....Then of course I have my daily reading which I will do after lunch, but other than that what do I do....I answer the phone maybe five times an hour? I need activity!!!!!!! I need diversity!!!!

I guess its probably better when this is your actual job--that way you can organize your desk, file, blah blah, but this is not my job, and I can't organize the desk or whatever. I just sit and watch the minutes roll by....crawl by....I think sometimes it takes the clock so long to switch over that I wonder if it forgot to change minutes.......

The lady across the hall was just holding a cup up to her ear..oblivious to my observation. Hee hee...maybe she achieved utter delirium like I am inching towards, and thought that was the phone and wondered why she couldn't hear anyone on the other line...Or maybe she did think she heard someone?? Hmmm........


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