Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh January

This has not been my most favorite time. I keep reminding myself that we do not have terminal illnesses and are very blessed but one by one we have each been sick since right after Christmas. I was first. Coasted right through my birthday without feeling up for much. I sang the week after my birthday, and then crashed again. Then the boys joined in with double ear infections and bronchiolitis and the girls are all sniffly and coughing from time to time. And then Preslyn started running fever at school yesterday and today Ella is running fever and was sent home from school. Bj hurt his back the other day so between the kids doctor visits, and his chiro visits, taking care of the kiddos and school, that's about the extent of our life so far this year.

I have had my hands full these last six months with the babies, and the girls starting back to school and extra curriculars, so I'll try to document a few things while I'm not too far in yet.

The boys have been a blast. We just love them both and they are changing so much each day.


 purple hair for me + Rivan



These  boys are full of smiles and plenty of tears. They both have acid reflux issues so we are all constantly getting spit up on. It started affecting their growth for a while so we had some pretty intense couple of weeks working through that, but they are both back on the curve and growing like champs. They are small but they are perfect:) 

Liam continues to look just like his daddy. With dark hair, big round eyes and cheeks that you can't just kiss once. We are constantly telling the girls to calm it on the kisses. His eyes are hazel but toward the brown side. And he has the longest lashes of the family. He loves loves LOVES to be held. He is cuddly and melts into you. He can roll from his stomach to his back but has no interest in rolling back to stomach. He laughs and smiles and puts his hands together. He has started making several distinct sounds but no words yet. So far he likes most foods we've tried and even drank out of a straw one day. 

Rivan is a smiler. He has one look that he gives that is so flirty, it's hilarious. He rolls both ways and quickly! He will be on the move soon I'm sure! He has taken a big growth spurt and is now bigger than Liam. He is more hesitant trying new foods so I'm interested to see how that pans out. He is adorable and becoming more social and cuddly. His hair seems to be much lighter and his eyes are still blue. He has a high pitched squeal that is funny and sometimes turns into a pterodactyl screech when he is mad. But compared to Liam his cry is very quiet. 

Hayden just started Volleyball for a league a friend told us about. It is so great, less stressful than last time she played and she is enjoying playing with a friend. She is nearly my height. Still measuring at 95th percentile at her 9 year checkup. She is amazing at school, loves reading and math and is preparing to go to her school's speech meet next month, representing her class. She will be reciting "The tortoise and the hare" by Aesop. She is continuing in piano and constantly having excellent comments from her instructor. 

Ella is a jewel. Her hair is getting so long and she is very proud of it. She is doing well in school and is one of the students that is the furthest along in math. She works very hard and loves to learn. 

Preslyn is our little firecracker. Constantly keeping us laughing and on our toes. I love to see the world through her eyes. The other day she told me she knew what she was here be a nurse...a nurse to animals.....mostly zebras :) She is so caring and loving. Her favorite part of school is recess. She eats next to nothing and gets pickier by the day it seems. I am constantly on the hunt for things that she will love. 

I'm going to try to blog more, because I love looking back on this thing as the kiddos grow. We'll see how that works out. 

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