Tuesday, July 08, 2014

10 Things I have learned while being pregnant for the third time, and with my second set of twins.

1. People say really strange things. I know its mostly out of shock or just having no idea what TO say, but really. Telling me that my family was already big enough is just wrong, stranger at the grocery store.
2. Nesting starts immediately. It's more of a scramble to the finish type feeling because you KNOW what is coming.
3. The pregnancy "senioritis" feeling hits more like the 24th week. Thank God I'm not going the full 40 or I may become a psycho.
4. All the things you say you won't eat or you won't do because you want to bounce back fly swiftly out the window because really, its survival mode.
5. Sitting modestly is totally out of the question. I feel like a SUMO wrestler when I sit. It's not pretty folks. But I'm sorry. I have no control over my body anymore.  Long maxi's are essential for the general public.
6. Did I mention people say really weird things? To your face? That are A. none of their business or B. Completely socially unacceptable.
7. The Bath is your friend. Live there.
8. Having older kiddos sure helps out so much better than doing this with a toddler in tow. Thanking God daily for the 6 year gap we have.
9. Leaving the house becomes increasingly stressful just for the one fact of trying to find clothes that actually cover my entire stomach and are not itchy. (I always get a fabulous rash on my belly. Yay for hot sweaty itchy pregnancies in the summers, shoulda planned that better....oh wait.....)
10. I have the best friends and family who have literally carried me through this pregnancy. From the first trimester shock, the second trimester marathon of finishing everything I could before complete misery set in, to the third trimester, literally calling me for grocery lists, driving me on errands because my belly is too big to drive, taking my children on fun outtings so they are not stir crazy here with me, going to my dr appointments, praying for the things that are closest to my heart, and calling and texting with the right words for the right moments.

And with that I leave you with this fabulous print that my cousin, Bethe, designed yesterday. It was so perfect for where my mind and body where yesterday.

Print is available here 

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