Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer 2014

We have been staying busy as we count down the days til the brothers' arrival. We've been very blessed with some unnaturally overcast days and rain which is wonderful for this massively pregnant mamma. It also helps us stay clear of any drought issue which hinders our firework business. 

So far, this summer, the girls have :
Been to two vbs and tomorrow are starting a three day sport clinic (cheerleading for the twins and volleyball for Hayden)
Started the summer reading club at the library
Seen Malifecent -twice 
Seen How to Train your dragon
Gone to a dr appt with me
Had several indoor campouts
Consumed a fair amount of sonic slushes and snowcones
Had sleepovers at the grands
And so much more. 

I've been trying to make them feel like their summer is not boring even though we really aren't doing much. 

I had a good Dr appt today. Baby b (Rivan) has flipped into head down position after being breech for weeks. But that still didn't put us into the clear of avoiding a csection, like I had hoped for. My Dr has been very watchful over all risks involved and with twins the main risk is stress on the second baby during delivery, including stress on the placenta of the second. Plus Liam (the baby in the lead delivery position) is sunny side up so VBAC is still not in the cards. 

I have a total peace over the whole situation. I've prayed the whole time for my desires not to hinder what is the safest way for them to enter the world. And mostly I feel good that I found a dr that honored those wishes the entire time and has my and the boys safety as her top priority. So today they started paperwork to schedule my csection and we are still taking it day by day and hoping to make it as far as we can and as close to 36 weeks as possible. 23 days and counting. 

We are all really excited to meet these guys and can't wait to start the next part of this experience. 

I was able to take some fabulous maternity photos, courtesy of Coon Photography.

 I've never done maternity pictures before so I'm glad with this being my last pregnancy that we were able to capture this time. The proud big sisters were able to jump in for a few as well! 


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