Tuesday, May 22, 2012

See ya, Kinderbabes...I'm off to conquer the world!

Today Hayden graduated from Kindergarten. We are so proud of her and her first year of school. She far exceeded any of our expectations and excelled in every way.

She was honored to get to lead the American Flag pledge, which is a HUGE deal for her that she stood up there and didn't get scared.  Her class performed a really cute dance that they had practiced and all of their personalities really showed. It was hilarious! Great way to help all of the parents make it through without crying!

photo (5)

Hayden had an amazing teacher this year (Ms. Moake) and we are really glad that her first experience in school was a good one!

photo (8)

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Some of her accomplishments for Kindergarten were:
~Perfect attendance
~A honor role all year
~Level I reading group (this was the highest and she was alone in her group so she asked to go back down to H so she could read with her friends)
~Scored either a 100 or a 105 on every single spelling test the entire year
~Achieved the excellence in Art award for the first semester (second semester awards are Friday)

photo (9)

She is reading and writing and growing up right before our eyes. We are so thankful for the person she is becoming  and the character that she is developing.

As she was receiving her diploma, they read some things about her
-Favorite color is red
-Likes to eat guacamole
-Wants to be a doctor when she grows up
Hayden is so excited for the summer but also to head off to first grade!

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