Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Barely keeping my eyes open


Today whooped me. After taking 5 days off of my workout (http://www.liftstrongrunfast.com/) because I was fighting my yearly winter sinus cold, I returned today and felt like it was my first day. Plus that 3:50am wakeup call never feels good. Kiddos are back to school today and hopefully our routines will resume and I can find some order somewhere at my crazy house!

I started my yearly Bible reading plan again and hope to make it through all of it this year. I did well last year, but didn't make it through the whole thing. I'm loving the read-aloud function, especially for those long geneology passages! If you are looking for a great Bible reading app check out YouVversion. I love the NLT (new living testament) because it reads like we speak, without all the thou's and thus'.

I leave you with a new recipe that we are trying today along with a bag of Archer Farms cilantro lime rice that I grabbed at Target today. I'm a huge fan of the vegetarian burrito at Taco Bueno due to the lime rice so I'm hoping this will be similar.



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