Thursday, December 01, 2011


Well November FLEW by. It was basically a blur of events just packed in one after the other. I started an intense workout "class" that meets in the mornings at 5am about 30 minutes from the house. So I've been waking up at 4am every morning during the week and going to it. Its called lift strong run fast. Its sort of like crossfit. It has been kicking my REAR and everything else connected to my body into shape. But it has also been wiping me out! I'm constantly exhausted. But I know it is so good for me and my family (dad, mom, paw paw , brother and sister in law) are doing it with me.

We celebrated my mom's 50th birthday with a surprise party. It was so great to see her face. It was very fun to plan and I just love her so much! So many people came and showed how much she means to them. What a gal!

I went to the Joyce Meyer convention downtown. Stayed overnight in the hotel with a bunch of women from church. Ate and ate and ate and shopped and got to know each other better. Overall I had a fabulous time.  Joyce was awesome. I really loved the things she spoke on and really came away with a new perspective on love and how to show that to others in ALL things we do.

Thanksgiving was great. We had to days of celebrations. One with his family the week before  and then mine the day of. I always love Thanksgiving because it is so relaxing, so warm and fun and there is nothing on the agenda but to be together as a family. The food was amazing and the company equally amazing.

I shopped black friday for the first time ever. It was definitely a crazy experience. Probably would have had more fun if I had a shopping buddy but I still enjoyed being able to get so many things checked off our list. We made huge headway on our Christmas shopping to do list, and I'm  SOOOO close to being finished.

We also decorated the outside of the house for the first time by ourselves. BJ is deathly afraid of heights and dreads the yearly christmas lights tradition. Usually he gets his brother, dad, or my brother to help him (aka, he hands them the lights while they scale the roof ). This year we attempted the job alone, with the help of our forklift and extremely dangerous metal box. Oh it was grand. Bj made it to the first point of the roof and then passed the job off to me. Gee thanks! We still have some more to add, but for now it looks cute :)

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