Monday, October 10, 2011

hayden's birthday weekend

We had so much fun celebrating Hayden turning 6 years old. I still fumble when I try to say that she is 6. That sounds so foreign and old. Yuck!

We hung crepe paper so she would have to bust through it to get out of her door the morning of her birthday. She loved it and it was the perfect way to kick off her birthday.

She lucked out this year with her birthday falling on a school day. (I never had a birthday fall on a school day and always wondered what that would be like.) I whipped up some yummy ice cream cupcakes  (thank you Pinterest) for her school friends and ate lunch with her. She requested McDonalds.

Her sisters had picked out a tiara and necklace for her to wear that day and we gave her a Barbie fashion sketch pad. Super fun for our little artist.

While she was at school that day her dad and I were furiously racing to finish assembling the birthday gift we had gotten her (and her sisters). A trampoline! It came down to the wire but we finished it and her surprised face as we pulled up to the house made it all worth it!

After we all bounced our guts out, she wanted to celebrate at Incredible Pizza.

Sunday rolled around and Hayden was so excited to finally get to go to church. Our church has its own happy birthday song that we sing to everyone and she had been talking about it all week. She was smiling the biggest smile while everyone sang...wish I had a picture of that one.

Then we finished up her weekend celebration with a lunch at Red Lobster and of course.....they sang to her there too.

This picture shows exactly how amazing the weekend was. They were plumb tuckered out!

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