Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping day complete

1 gallon milk
2- half gallons Silk Milk
5-Oscar Meyer Lunchables
Private Selection Ice Cream
1 Pint Blue Bell Ice Cream (free)
Purina one Cat Food (free)
3-Shredded Cheese
Peanut Butter
Brownie Mix
2-Diced Tomatos
2-Sara Lee Bread
2- Rotisserie Chickens
4- Condensed Cooking Soups
Bertolli Chicken Parmigiana
Fiber One 4 pack Yogurt
Kids 4 pack yogurt
Sara Lee Cheesecake (free)
State Fair Beef Corndogs
Tyson Crispy Chicken Stips
Uncle Bens Ready Rice
6-Pillsbury toaster Strudels
2-Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs
Degree Deoderant Men
2- Bic Flex 4- pack of 4 Razors
2-McCormick Parsley Flakes
Quick Oatmeal
2-Fly Paper
Operation Game
Candy Land Game
3 Snickers Cream Eggs
1 Hersey Eggs 8oz
2- Apple Jacks
3- Gimbals Jelly Beans Packs
Pack of stuffable eggs
dr pepper 20oz.
antibacterial hand soap
welches grape jelly
Carefree panty liners
Luster Whitening toothpaste
egg dying cups
gatorade 1, 2 and 3 formula (drink, flax bar, protein drink)
carmel candy
pack of gum

Not pictured is the toaster strudels, parsley flakes, oatmeal, uncle bens rice...I had already put them away and forgot to pull them out.

Grand total before coupons:
Coupon Savings:

Out of pocket:

$102.30 57% savings for 6 stores

Add to that I have two rebates for two free tombstone pizzas with my two Hasbro Games that I bought. These were both on rollback at walmart for $5 and I had a $3 coupon for one and $2 coupon for the other. So I came out with two pizzas and two games for $5. Can't beat that. These will make great gifts and I dont' have to spend a fortune!!

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