Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thank you Pioneer Woman!

When I woke up yesterday I knew immediately that the weather had changed. My mom told me I should have gone into meteorology because my sinuses are never wrong! My scratchy throat lead to this morning waking up with nasal congestion and a headache from pressure.

It also lead to my tummy desiring something substantial for breakfast. Southern comfort food at its best. I mentally went through the ingredients in my pantry thinking what can I make that we don't usually make? Maybe something new that the girls will love....what could it be?

I googled oatmeal recipes...I've had a tube of quaker oats ready to be finished out. Nothing really sparked my interest. Then Pioneer Woman Cooks popped in my head. She has some fabo recipes and I regularly find myself drooling on my keyboard while looking at some of them.  The first thing I found was a recipe for some Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Perfect! That sounded delish. But, I was fresh out of pumpkin puree. After all, it is spring now. Pumpkin is a stapel that I keep on hand through the fall and winter and then forget about until that time again the next year.  ( I added it to my grocery list so we can have some pumpkin deliciousness tomorrow)

I browsed her recipes some more and then, I found it. The perfect comfort food breakfast that wouldn't take and hour to prepare and I was pretty sure my kiddos would love it and think it was fun.  So I whipped up some Egg-in-the-holes and they were EGGcelent! New family fave!  And it also helped that I had a super cute "Little Chef" to help. She called out each time I cracked the egg into the toast "Egg in da hole"

"Egg-in-my-heart" as the girls nicknamed them

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