Monday, March 14, 2011

and then there was an ocean

So the title was originally going to read! Hip hip horray, we have two more potty trained!!!

Technically, they basically are...we haven't gotten super brave and went anywhere with them in panties yet, but they are going the whole day at home without accidents now. Yesterday I had several errands to run after church and then off to a birthday party. Preslyn and Hayden were still under the weather so Ella and I were going by ourselves. We got out of the car at the first stop and Ella's skirt was tucked in her waistband.

That's when I realized she had taken off her pullup at home and switched to panties without telling me. I got really nervous.

She made it through all the errands and the party without an accident. We did have about 5 trips to the bathroom, but that was better than soaked clothes!

As soon as we pulled back in at home I got her out of the car and she took off to the bathroom.....

she didn't quite make it.

Anyway, hip hip horray, we are nearly potty trained!!!!

My budget is going to LOVE not having to buy diapers anymore!
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