Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4- Daniel Fast

Yesterday was really hard. I did a lot of stuff, run a bunch of errands with the twins, so I could feel the fatigue on my body and mind by the middle of the day. By the time dinner rolled around i had a killer headache, that was basically immobilizing. I took a tylenol and my bible to the bath and soaked while I waited for it to pass. I found myself very frusterated because I couldn't believe that after 3 days even with eating, that my body NEEDED those foods that are so "fulfilling" that I wasn't eating. I kept praying that what my body was lacking, God would replenish with himself. I was frustrated that detoxing was stealing my joy, my attitude, my family time. As soon as I got all those emotions under control, the headache went away and I felt like I had overcome an obstacle. It was so liberating.

The Bible reading has been wonderful as well. I keep finding myself wanting to read more and do more research and digging. Instead of it feeling like something to check off my to-do list, I feel like it is exhilerating and liberating. And I get excited to see what God is going to show me next and what I am going to learn. When I find myself getting restless during the day or "crashing" I have been putting on different types of praise and worship and just letting myself soak in God's presence.

Today I feel much better, my legs are feeling achy and fatigued and I'm focusing on not overduing myself physically. We have worship practice tonight and I want to be functioning by then :)  We are doing juices only today so praying for strength and endurance.  I know that God is doing something in me because I typically let the stress of the day really bog me down and let it exhaust me. But yesterday when I picked Hayden up from school she asked me when we got in the car why I was so happy? I was a little taken back because I didn't "feel" happy, but I must have been giving that off. And that was something I was really excited about. Instead of letting her see my tiredness, God was radiating through me, because I don't really feel like I was outwardly happy, but my heart was. Today when I dropped her off she told me "I'm really happy today." What a testimony of God through me and being mirrored in my child. I know that that is not me at all and is completely 100% God.
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