Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Turkey Shirts for the Girls

For thanksgiving I got inspired when I saw my friend Leslie's little turkey shirt she handmade for her little Brenley. Why didn't I think of that sooner!?!?!? I thought as I picked up Hayden from her Thanksgiving Day Celebration at school. I figured it was Thursday, I had until Saturday until we had our first family T-day event. Plenty of time to crank out not 1, but 3 turkey hard could it be????? Oh did I mention that Sunday was also going to be the twins 3rd birthday bash. Not like I didn't have anything else I needed to be doing. (Total sarcasm intended)

So the turkey shirt-a-palooza began. I wrestled and fought and maybe even growled at my sewing machine. It hated me at times. I was sure it was purposefully holding out on its magical powers, on purpose, because HELLO! doesn't it know that I am on a strict timeline of, I'm-already-crunched-for-time-and-now-I-want-to-throw-in-one-more-MUST-complete-task-before-said-deadline!?! COME ON! work with me machine.

Needless to say that I worked hard, stitched and unstitched. Taught myself new things, even read the sewing manual! All of my skills are totally self-taught since I was not properly schooled in the ways of the sewing machine. Instead I inherited a sewing room of supplies with high aspirations that I would easily "catch on".  Well it wasn't easy, but I did enjoy when I finally started "catching on".

So , I will show you some shots of my finished product. I only managed to finish Hayden's for the first family Thanksgiving. Which was a week early, so technically, I didn't miss the holiday . I finished Preslyn and Ella's by the actual day of Thanks.

Here are the photos.

Ella was so thrilled to get a matching shirt like Hayden and proceeded to walk around waiting for her's to be complete saying, " Mommy making us Tuwkey shuwts" .

Here you can see what I see on a daily basis. Ella has really taken the role of Hayden Jr. to a whole new level. She and Hayden are more like twins than Preslyn and her. Its very interesting to see it all play out. Preslyn is in her own little world. She is going to be an interesting little girl to watch.
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