Monday, September 06, 2010

Two things

then i'm off to bed because I have a preschooler that is sleeping soundly- waiting for her first day of school in the morning and Mama's gotta be fresh and ready!
First: is having their penny sale right now. I saw it on and wanted to pass it on to you all who still read this blog. (Hi PawPaw!)   So, if you log on to first then click on the first link it gives you for it will take you to the penny sale.

I got
5 items               $.05
shipping            $5.99
Total                  $6.04
Total Savings  $27.90

Plus i got 6% cashback through ebates. And if you are new to ebates you get an extra $5 on your first order.

If you love redbox like we do these codes may come in handy for free rentals.
DVDKROG (kroger locations only)
DVDATWAG (walgreens locations only)
DRIVEIN (sonic locations only) to sleep now.
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