Sunday, May 23, 2010

Your legacy is one I will never forget

Dearest Granny,

So many things remind me of you it is hard to walk through my home, smell things, hear things and not think of you. YOU are forever a piece of my heart, a piece of me and my world that exists around me.

The taste and smell of ice makes me think of all of the times spent at the saxon house....hearing that floor crack as you tried to walk quietly across in the mornings not to wake me....your green bathroom with clothes hung from the shower rod. I never knew how you actually took all those baths you did, surrounded by all of those clothes, but somehow you did ....walking into your home smells like dryer sheets and starch. It is comforting and now everytime I do laundry I think of you. Building forts out of the pillow cushions and playing out in the backyard on the old motorcycles leaning up against the house.  Sitting at the glass coffee table ( i still have no idea how that has survived 7 grandchildren and 6 greats without breaking) coloring with you after everyone else was napping. Coating us down with Vicks vapor rub when we were sick or coughing. I hope I never forget your laugh. It brings a smile to my face just thinking of it. We had so many happy times at your house. Never can I remember a time that the house wasn't filled with loud, uproaring laughter.

I think of all the foods that are tradition at your house and hopefully we all have recipes for. Potato salad, dum-dum cookies, lime jello, strawberry cake, deviled eggs, shrimp dip..all of our faves. And lets not forget the secret to the summerlin sweet tea. It can never be too sweet.
I remember waiting and waitng to finally turn 16,  to inherit the opal ring that you promised. I thought it was pretty special then, but little did I know that my firstborn's birthstone would be an opal (same as yours) and now its even more special to me. One day it will be hers and I will tell her about you and how wonderful you were. I wish that she could have grown up knowing you like I did. I'm glad that she considers you one of her best friends and I will never let her forget you. Don't you worry! 

I remember countless times in dressing rooms with you during our many shopping excursions. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me....sitting there watching me try on outfit after outfit. I know we came away with some great buys, but really we came away with a true friendship that I will never forget. We laughed and  giggled and cried we had laughed so hard. I remember feeling SO grown up when we'd go out together and you'd let me wear your lipgloss. Or paint my nails. You always told me that if I had the time to paint them, I had the time to take them back off when they started chipping. Thanks for teaching me so many wonderful things about how to be a woman and a mother and a wife. Thanks for teaching me how to be a friend. 

Thank you for teaching me how important family is. I am so glad I was born into your family where each member is loved so much and unconditionally. When any of us tried to stray from the pack, it seemed that you were in the middle with a lasso, pulling us back into the fold.

I love you more than words do justice. I am so glad I was able to spend so much time with you during my life. You always made me feel so important.

You were always in the stands for every event I participated in. I'm sure it was extremely boring at times and grueling to watch me walk every batter in an inning (ok, who am i a game) or give turnover after turnover to the other team, but I always knew that no matter how bad I did,  you'd still be in the stands cheering me on and you rarely weren't there, even for road games and meets. Thanks for being my cheerleader.

Thanks for helping mold me into who I am today. You always made me feel like the big things in my life, that may not have actually been big things to most people, were a big deal to you too.  You taught me to stand up for myself, for what I believe in, for who I believe in.

Most of all....I know that I will see you again one day. Watching you cross over into forever and enter the gates of Heaven was so precious and I'm glad I was able to be there to witness it. And though each day you will be so truly missed and family gatherings will never be the same. To know that you are up in heaven smiling down on us, waiting for us to join you....that gives me comfort.. You left a fabulous legacy for us to remember and for us to carry on.

Vivian Charlene Summerlin

I love you BUNCHES!

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