Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surprisingly farfalle!

This week I'm prepping for a convention for Lindentree Boutique! I'm setting up a booth and I'm really excited and a litle anxious. I've been going through boxes, looking for displays that I've stashed, inventory is still scattered  between the new house and old house and just overall mayhem has set in. I've found so many things today that I've stashed thinking I'd come right back to and never did. The counters are littered with things the girls will bring me randomly and I will set here or there, and before I know it, things are piled high on every surface. Its getting completely out of hand and I have high hopes of a massive cleanup soon! I'm so ready to be organized again!

Last week I took all of the things that had been piled up or stored away that the girls have outgrown....exersaucers (times two), bedding sets, 12 boxes of clothes and shoes and toys. I may have mentioned the JBF sale before. This thing is amazing. I don't go to shop, because clearly my kiddos have been super blessed with hand-me-downs and gifts of clothing for their birthdays'/Christmas. But I go to clear out. This year we took two carloads of stuff over. 129 items total. I went to pick up my remaining items at the end of the sale, dreading having to go through them and disperse to goodwill or store them again, and to my surprise, I only had 20 items left. Mostly all small clothes and shoes. I was so happy and thrilled to have all of that storage space completely cleared out!!! And the girls are even more excited because the money is all going toward a new swingset for them. It's been a long time coming and one of the huge benefits of our move, since our backyard was so tiny at the old house there was no room for a swingset.

For lunch today I wanted something different than a sandwhich or salad or whatever we usually eat for lunch. I looked through the refrigerator and found this Boutini Pesto Sauce that I had been wanting to use. I cooked up some micro farfalle (bowtie pasta) and mixed it with the pesto sauce, chopped up some fresh roma tomatos and sprinkled some pine nuts on top. YUM! Quick, easy and really delicious. Plus you can use it hot or cold, so the leftovers will be great tomorrow as a cold salad. I really recommend it if you are looking for something a little different for lunch. The girls all loved it and so did BJ. SUCCESS!!!

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