Saturday, November 07, 2009

Twins turn 2

Here we are again at this special time of the year, when I get all sentimental and remember those final moments in the hospital. How excited, and nervous and scared I was waiting for BJ to arrive for the delivery of our daughters. I am so thankful that God has blessed us with these two beautiful, hilarious, frustrating, loving bundles. They really opened up our eyes to things we had never experienced before. God revealed himself like He had never needed to before. We put every single care that we had in His hands, because there was no other way to cope during those scary times. And here we are two years later living like a normal (HA) crazy family :)

The girls are busy beyond belief. Testing boundaries, learning new abilities, speaking in short sentences, starting to show a tiny interest in potty training and constantly making us laugh.

We have their party this Friday so I will have more pictures to come. I have some from the actual birthday that I need to get off the camera.

Preslyn and Ella....Daddy, Hayden and I love you so much! We can't imagine life without either one of you, and are so blessed that we don't have to!

Love love love!

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