Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hayden's first real soccer game was hilarious. It was beating down heat and she kept walking off the field so thirsty. There were only 4 little teammates on her team that day so we were really outnumbered. Hayden would get spurts of energy and try to run for the ball and then if someone would come close to her she would get upset and tell them "No No! It's my ball. " Then one time she got close enough to score and kicked it in. She immediately started crying because they continued play and gave the ball back to the other team. She was very confused even though we are cheering and telling her that was the right thing and we were so happy for her. It was so sad. She could not figure out why she had just done something good and then they took the ball from her.

I think the funniest part of the game was one time after a waterbreak I overheard her walking back on the field with a little boy talking about the movies they had seen in the movie "Feater". So precious.

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