Monday, May 11, 2009

May Mayhem

Every year when May rolls around I kind-of cringe inside. May is a doozie of a month for our family, and I'm sure others too. For instance I went and bought cards the other day for all of the birthday's that we celebrate in may (BIL's fiance, my dad, bj's dad, bj, misti, jordan--ah and don't forget that when you have kids they give cards to people too ;) ) then there is mother's day for all the mom's, plus any graduations and weddings that have snuck in this year. It was quite the pile when I was finished.

So needless to say this month is a fun month and crazy busy. This year happens to be the big 5-0 for my dad, bj's dad and my sis-in-law's dad. Pretty crazy that they were all born in the same year, same month and just days apart!

We had a little suprise party for BJ on Thursday night with some friends. It was really nice to get to see everyone and hang out for a bit! Plus how can you deny a yummy meal at Berryhill???

Then Sunday my little family all went to church and celebrated Mother's Day for lunch at Eggcetera. Delicious! The lunch was a little stressful with it being near lunch time and Hayden has not been feeling very well. I got an array of gifts, a super cute shirt and earrings, some lawn gear (gloves, pots and a shovel), a cute rug, and a couple other clothing items. Such fun things and what great tastes my little Hayden has!

Then my brother and I took my parents out to dinner, along with Alexis, to celebrate my Mom's mother's day. Yummy Pappasitos! I ate way too much food this weekend that is for sure! We had a great time together.

Happy Mother's Day, Birthday, Graduation, and Wedded Bliss to all who are celebrating this month!

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