Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bumpy Orbit Labels

I'm placing several orders for bumpy orbit name sippy cup/bottle labels!! They look like the "livestrong" bands but have your kiddos name on them. Great for nursery, daycare, preschool or multiple children at home!! 4 for $12.95! Super super cute!!! Let me know if you want some so I can get them in with this batch. They also come in blue which is not pictured. (The color in the middle is actually a purple-y pink, but doesn't show up as much in the picture. If you want two lines of personalization it is $13.95.
I have mine color coded, Ella green, Hayden Purple, Preslyn Pink :)

ps....I've gotten a couple of requests for some specific recipes, so if anyone else has anything they would like me to post let me know and I'll do a big recipe post this weekend.

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