Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two Things

I have been wanting to read the Twilight series for some time now. Why didn't I discover these when I was in the hospital?? Anyway, when the movie came out I bypassed it because I really wanted to read the books first.

My inital thoughts were that I wouldn't like them. I'm not really into sci-fy stuff to frequently. I mean I'll watch Lord of the Rings but they get a little old after a while. I like more of the "normal" movies and books. As far as my recent readings, I have not read anything lately that has really caught my interest enought to just blast through it. Anyway, I've had the first two sitting on my desk for about a month and I picked one up this past weekend and literally finished Twilight in two days. I stayed up late two nights in a row, paid for it in the morning, but didn't care, because I found something that I really enjoyed reading. I'm so glad I read it first before seeing the movie. Anyway, I thought it would be this wierd "vampire-ish" book that would be overwhelmingly paranormal, but it was surpisingly a hidden romance and was more "normal" than I expected. Anyway, I'm finishing up the second one now and went out to get the second two so I could start them right away. I really liked these because I think I would actually read them again! Now I want to see the movie when it comes out later this month.

Second thing.....AMERICAN IDOL! I really think Danny Goeke is going to win it. He has a great story and his voice is amazing! Vote vote vote!!

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