Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just some things

1. The sun has arrived! I am enjoying this brief window of time where I can stand outside without breaking a sweat.

2. The pollen has blown through and gone bye bye! Thankfully, because when it blew in, it took Hayden down hard-core. Poor thing was doing breathing treatments again after nearly a year of not having to do them. The positive was that she didn't mind them as much and wasn't AS affected by the steroid in it.

3. I went to see Keith Urban at the rodeo. Before hand I thought it was just going to be a fun night with my pals and the music would be fine I'm sure. Well I was competely blown away at his mad guitar skills. He was amazing. I loved it! I would go see him again ANY day! Very entertaining concert, indeed, and the company of my pals was divine! Especially since we spent nearly 3 1/2 hours in the car (traffic) together.

4. Tomorrow is a big day for my bestest! I couldn't be happier for her!

5. Our new routine with the new weather is lovely. Playtime, chores until 11:30, eat lunch, babies go down for naps, Hayden and I "lay out" while she digs in the dirt and waters our trees :) My legs are scary-mary white! (Joyelle, cease the snickering!!!)

5. New favorite snack discovery: Mediterranean hummus with roasted pine nuts. Find it in the deli section. Oh YUM!

6.Our neighbors have FINALLY finished their remodel requiring THE LOUDEST machinery on the planet. This has been going on every single day since the hurricane. We are talking, they were cutting tile with saws right next to my bedroom window starting at the CRACK of dawn every day. SOOOOO not enjoyable.

7. For two months the babies have been cutting teeth like nobodys business. My mom kept asking me if they had new teeth and I couldn't even tell her. They had so many cutting through it was hard to tell, so I did an inventory and the count is Ella-16 and Preslyn-15. That means only one more and we are done for a year or so! HALLELUJAH!!! My children, Hayden included, are the worst teethers ever. They all get sick every time they cut a tooth and are so cranky, don't sleep through the night, don't want to eat anything. It's a nightmare. Oh and did I mention the constant stream of snot that flows from their noses...oh its glorious! Especially since I wear black like 70% of the shoulders look like I wipe MY nose on myself. Gross!

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