Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Red Firetruck

Today I remembered that phrase that especially reminds me of my friend Angelyn from back in high school. We used to say that when things were obvious but you still couldn't see them, you know, "Hello!!! Big Red Firetruck!!"

Anyway, that is how I felt today thinking of my babies and how they are growing so fast right under my nose.

Preslyn is still not talking very much, but has started pointing at things that she wants. Unlike her sister Ella, she does not squeal for them as well, she simply points and waits for you to give her what it is. She is also understanding things I say now and responding to them. For instance if I say, "Go night night" she will lay down wherever she is. This has been very helpful in weening them from bottles to go to sleep. She also understands "Sit down" and "eat" and "dance" and many more that I'm sure I just take for granted, but those come to mind. She has all 16 teeth now and we are all so thankful for that! It has opened up a more broad spectrum of foods I can feed them, or should I say that they can pick up and feed themselves. She IS my most picky eater though, and it is very frustrating when Ella and Hayden will eat pretty much anything put before them and Preslyn just wants to throw it on the floor.

Her newest word is "Boppity". We have a princess wand that they play with and I started saying Bippity boppity boo and waving it, so now she will say Boppity and swing her arm like she is waving magic at you. Its very cute. She also says "Wiggle" all the time. I don' t know what she thinks it means but its very sweet and her own little thing. And of course she knows "No, no no " and will shake her head along with saying it. Also she says "read". Today she started shaking her head yes, when I said yes and had a huge grin to go with it. She gets so proud of herself when she learns to communicate more things.

Ella is right along with her. She shakes her head no, like its a game. She also has all 16 teeth and inhales any food, anywhere, anytime. Preslyn is such a slow eater that Ella always finishes first and sometimes Preslyn will hand some of her food over to Ella. Ella is just like her big sister. Another way she is like Hayden is she has started wiggling one arm out of her car seat strap when we ride in the car. Hayden did this for a while and it is very frustrating. They just don't like to be confined. She is still saying "Nigh nigh" and has also started saying "More", "down", "Uh" (up, when she wants to be held), buh buh (bye bye, still working on the corresponding wave with her), "this", "bath", "read", "did it" and "poo poo".

She also responds to commands very well. She hates to have a dirty diaper so I can say "change you" and she will come right over for her new diaper. She is a major climber so I have to say "get down" millions of times per day and she will respond to that. I have started lightly spanking their hands on occasion for throwing food on the floor or whatever, so now all I have to do for Ella is say her name sternly and give her a look and she will clap her hands together herself like a spanking. Maybe she will be the child that only needs a look and the tears will flow and she won't need tons of discipline. Wouldn't that be nice.

Both of the twins have really taken a major interest in books. They have this one soft book that they will bring to me every time we are in their room, then they both pile into my lap, Hayden will too if she is around and listen. Its a touch and feel book so they are learning the different animals, and occasionally will pick out the correct animal when asked. They are really starting to get into the sponge phase of learning and I love to see them learn a new thing!

Hayden is also learning things at rapid speed. She has recently taken an interest in sesame street and I think it has helped her in her number and letter identification. I had been working with her for a while and the light bulb has finally clicked. She knows, C, H, D, X and O and all the numbers 1-5 by site. These are just the ones I have noticed her picking out easily and correctly every time. So we are going to keep going and keep learning. It has helped her in playing games because now she can identify the things to find or how much money she has, etc.

Today we played Monopoly Jr. together and she won. $25 to $23 and I didn't even LET her win! I've noticed that it has curbed her attitude as well. Learning excites her and having the ability to understand letters and numbers around her I think allows her little mind to be less frustrated. She'll probably be reading by Christmas at her pace. Today she wanted to take her OWN money with her to Target and get her own prize, so I let her. She picked out a rainbow twizzlers pack and paid the lady. She carried her purse in with all her money in the bottom as well as her calculator and her comb. :) She was dressed in her "uniform" . White polo and khaki shorts that were hand me downs from a cousin. She wants to be in "big girl" school so badly and loves wearing them around the house pretending she is in school. Soon enough little one, soon enough! Slow down for your mom, will ya??

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