Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentines Day -- Part 2

For valentines this year we kept it pretty low-keyed. We had a pretty full week and weekend so we kept it simple. BJ showered us girls with lovely bouquets of flowers. I hate that I didn't take a single picture of them, grrrrrr....but they were lovely! He also got me some fab shoes that I have been wanting :) (going against the "lets not get any gifts rule". We had decided to just hang out and splurge on our diet and order a pizza and watch some tv. So I secretly ordered the heart shaped pizza and when it came BJ opened it and laughed, so I told him, "Don't say I didn't buy you anything." It was pretty corny, but it was fun to just hang out together. February also marks that we have been together now for 9 years! WOW! It has been wonderful and I'm so glad that we are still together and in love :) BJ asked me what I wanted and I told him I had absolutely everything I could ever want. And that's the truth. I have a wonderful life and family and I couldn't ask for more.

Ok..enough of the sappy mush...here's a funny pic for ya

On Valentines Day, we took the twirls with us to breakfast. Hayden stayed the night at her grandparents. It was fun, because we rarely go to restaurants with them. They did so good and flirted with everyone around them.

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