Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Horn of 2008

Thanksgiving this year was so much fun. We hit all three thanksgiving meals that we could possibly and sadly weren't able to make it to a fourth. Wednesday night we went to BJ's family meal, then Thursday to College Station for my Dad's family and then Friday was my mom's family. We rotate around with her family and this Thanksgiving was my turn to host. We were excited to have everyone over to the new house. And also thrilled to celebrate with Preslyn and Ella for their first Thanksgiving out of the NICU!

So, Friday morning I woke up and started my turkey. My first turkey to make and I was nervous to say the least. So, I knew at least that I had to clean out the cavity in the turkey and then I had my recipe for how to make it. But I wasn't sure what all was supposed to come out so I called my Dad.

I had already taken out what looked to me like a horn. Couldn't feel anything else so I called to confirm if anything else was in there that wasn't supposed to be. He told me yeah there would be a "horn" thing and maybe a bag with the organs. (Gross) So I told him I had the horn thing, did I need to save it to cook with it or whatever. He said no you can throw the "horn thing" away...and he said by the way, that "horn thing" is the neck. THE NECK???? Why hadn't I realized that all by myself? Must have been the fact that I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 the night before.

I thought I was going to hurl. I don't know why it never occurred to me that that was what it was but the thought of it while it was in my hand was pretty disgusting. And the fact of where I pulled it out of....oh it was just all a little much and a LOT gross!

I then told my dad, " Dad, if you notice that your daughter is calling something a strange name, like a "horn", then she obviously doesn't know what she is holding so just roll with it and don't fill her in on what is really going on!"

Anyway, everyone said my turkey tasted really good, (Thank you Domino magazine for the recipe) and we had a really nice time all together! My grandmother let me borrow her really beautiful accent plates to go with my table and they were perfect!


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