Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shot day for the girls

Today me and Alexis took the girls for their yearly well checkups. It was time to get flu shots and whatever else they were due for. So we prepped Hayden for days, telling her that she could get a lollipop if she got her shot like a big girl. She was good to go and right at the last second chickened out and started crying. I felt so bad for her, since I am one of those that hated shots as a child and had to be held down nearly every single time. Shots are awful, period.

So here is the run down of our stats:

Hayden, 3 years old, 37lbs. and I forgot to get her height but she has been in the 37-38 inches range. 90% for height and weight. BMI perfect, and doing everything and much more that she should be doing right now. They asked me if she could count to three...I was like, yep she can count to 10 in English and Spanish! Whoohoo for my big girl!

Ella, 1 year old, 22lbs. 30", 75% for height and weight. Needs to start pointing at things when she wants them. (we'll be working on that.) But stay tuned because yesterday she took 5 steps before she fell down so walking is just around the corner for her!

Preslyn, 1 year old, 21lb.6g. , 30", 50% for weight and 75% for height. she also has to start pointing :)

They all did great and then finished up with one shot for Hayden and 5 each for the babies. It was terrible. Their eyes were so red from the screaming. I hate hate hate shots!

They have all three had their Tylenol and are fast asleep. Poor things.


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