Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On a Roll I or what?? Look at all these blogs lately!

This year we took Hayden trick or treating for the first time. Last year I was in the hospital so she got to dress up as Raggedy Ann and went to a fall feast with her daddy, Colton and Aunt Deb. This year since we are in a really nice neighborhood we used it as an opportunity to meet some of the neighbors that we hadn't got to meet yet.

Hayden wanted to be a bumblebee so badly, but with the stomach bug that threw us for a major loop we didn't have time to find one.

So she went with one of her dress up costumes that she got for her birthday and went as "Tracy Turnblad" from HAIRSPRAY. And the two wee's went as Lady Bugs.

We had a fun time, and Hayden was a hoot running up and asking for candy. But she was so sweet, when we got back home and kids started coming to our door, she would run and get handfulls of her candy and give it to them. We ended up giving all her candy away as well as the candy we had intended on giving out. Such a little giver! I figured the next day she would be upset, but when she asked where all her candy was, I told her "remember you gave it all away to the kids." and she said "oh yeah, ok." It was perfect! I guess all our hardwork is finally starting to pay off in little ways!


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